Must have at least 7 people to hold ALL classes. Classes with less than 7 people will be cancelled by instructor and money will be refunded. If you do not show up to class or do not give 48 hour cancellation notice, payment for class will NOT be refunded. If you attend the class, payment will NOT be refunded.
**Groupon does not include wood paintings. Only canvas. Feel free to upgrade to wood but let me know prior to class (will cost an additional 30.00  per person)**

Keg Creek

       Cost is 35.00 per person for canvas.
    Sunday April 18th 2-4pm

Can change colors, choice of two paintings

Pre-registration is required for ALL participants- this is due to painters not showing up to class that did not pre-pay and my class/es have been maxed out and I have been turning down participants.

If you would like to paint on wood you must call 712-314-1968 to sign up. There is always a craft with the wood painting.

Please arrive to class on time or 15 minutes prior to get wine and pick your seat.

Lake Ohana Bar/ Backroom Lounge 

Pre-registration is required for ALL participants- this is due to maxing out for class space.  Choice of two paintings. Colors can be changed!

1 person

2 people

3 people

4 people

 Cost is 35.00 per person. Includes ONE glass of wine from the bar. Two choices, please pick one to paint 
  Friday April 16th 6:30-8:30pm
or pay Kristen at the Bar
One person
2 people
3 people

**Please note: Apple users may have a hard time with registering. Android and desktop computer users do not have trouble. If you are experiencing trouble please call 712-314-1968 to pay over the phone

4 people