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How do I sign up for classes or book a party?

  -To sign up all you need to do is facebook message me or go to BOOK A PARTY tab and fill out form! My name is Hannah Rief on facebook. I will get back with you the fastest this way. You can also call me at 712-314-1968


What if I want to change the colors of my painting?

  -It is YOUR painting - it can be whatever color you want!


Can we bring alcohol to your class?

   -For my class at Bodega Victoriana Winery, no but they provide wine for $5.00 per glass or purchase of a bottle

   - For my parties, you supply the alcohol


When will you post next months paintings for the classes?

  -I will post the paintings for the classes at the beginning of every month


Is there an age restriction?

 -Nope! As long as they can pick up a paintbrush and paint then they are welcome to come! I do birthday parties too for kids.


Are walk-ins welcome?

 - Yes of course- if the class is not maxed out. However I am more prepared with materials if I know you plan on coming!


What time should I arrive?

 -Please plan on being there 15 minutes before the class to get checked in and set up


What size canvas do we paint on?

 - Depends on the painting. 16x20 or 12x12 and sometimes  I like to switch it up!


What should I bring?

- You and your friends and your creative spirit!


Can we book a private party?

-Absolutely! Go to the BOOK A PARTY tab to check availability and go to PARTIES tab to find out more info. If you book your own party you get to pick your painting!


What is your cancellation policy for parties?

 -Due to limited weekend days if the party is cancelled at least 14 days before your party I will mail you back your $50.00 deposit or refund it if you paid for it online. If you cancel the party less than 14 days from your party date, I keep the full deposit. This is due to booking the day/time for you and possibly not being able to fill it or missing an opportunity with another party. 

What is your cancellation policy for classes?

 -Refunds are permitted for a class if cancelled at least 48 hours before the class time. If you pay for the class but choose to not show up to class or do not give a 48 hour cancellation notice, payment for class will NOT be refunded.  Also, if you attend the class and paint, payment will NOT be refunded.


Do you accept credit cards or debit cards?

 -Yes!  I can take your payment over the phone or you can pay for the class online. My charges show up as "The Creative Canvas" on your bank card or account.  



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